Dona Paula



Dona Paula: A Gem in Goa

Dona Paula is more than just a former village; it’s a captivating tourist destination in the suburbs of Panaji, Goa, India. Today, it proudly hosts the National Institute of Oceanography, alongside the esteemed Goa University and the International Centre Goa.

Once a sleepy seaside village, Dona Paula has evolved into one of the premier tourist attractions in Goa. The beautiful Dona Paula Beach offers a spectacular view of the Mormugao harbor, featuring a jetty adorned with stalls, vendors, and cafes. Menino’s, a Goan delicacy specialty, can be found at the head of the jetty, and the beach itself provides excellent opportunities for water sports while offering magnificent sunset views.

With romance in the air, Dona Paula Beach is a bustling hub of activity throughout the year. Located 7 kms away from Panaji, this beach has become one of the most happening spots in Goa. Nestled on the southern part of the rocky headland where the Mandovi and Zuari rivers meet the Arabian Sea, it’s known as a lover’s paradise. Legend has it that Viceroy’s daughter Dona Paula de Menezes jumped off the cliff after facing objections from her family due to her love affair with a son of a fisherman. Hence, the beach is popularly known as Dona Paula, offering a splendid view of the Mormugao harbor and surrounded by casuarinas woods & palm trees.

Relish the wonderful view from the hillock, relax on benches, and enjoy the evening sea breeze and sunset. Dona Paula attracts tourists with its natural beauty, pristine beach, and the romantic legend associated with it. The long stretches of silver-white sand provide a superb view of the beachfront. Explore beachside stalls for local knick-knacks, seafood restaurants for lunch, and unwind after a day of sunbathing. In short, the beach is a perfect blend of adventurous water sports, romance, and sparkling nightlife.



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