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Anjuna is a serene coastal village nestled along the Arabian Sea in southwest India. The picturesque Anjuna Beach, featuring a sandy cove adorned with palms and distinctive black rocks, once drew in the hippie community during the 1960s. Today, it’s renowned for its vibrant electronic music trance parties. Every Wednesday, a expansive flea market unfolds, offering a delightful array of handicrafts, jewelry, and delectable food options. Just north of the beach stands St. Anthony’s Chapel, an age-old church characterized by its whitewashed facade.

Anjuna has been an integral part of the hippie culture for decades, maintaining its charm by hosting the famous flea market every Wednesday (during the season). While it continues to attract backpackers, Anjuna is now becoming a favored destination for midrange and domestic tourists seeking a taste of the bohemian lifestyle. The evolution of Anjuna is evident, with a lively beach party scene and the emergence of new restaurants and bars.

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